learn With Me

Are You stressed. Do you want to make it happen … want not to learn topics like regression , classification,EDA,python,R ,image ,Voice but getting stuck or feels low don’t worry hire me to help you at your time in virtual place and the price is something you will decide .If you are a student and willing to pay $2/hour or free you are welcome.If you are a working professional but have financial problem and willing to give me a $5 or free as assistance charge you are welcome .

let’s grow together and let’s grow quickly .

Law of Equilibrium : The more you goes behind ——-The more you come forward….Example: centuries ago no AC no f****** 50 degree celsius today AC in every corner temperature reaches 60 degree.moral —–Neither you can cheat yourself nor you can cheat others both will backfire oneday in your timeseries. so make yourself eligible so that you don’t have to lie .

What you have to do:

  • Go To contact page
  • provide your query/problem/thinking/feedback
  • I will get in touch with you within 24 hours
  • let’s build an easier AI learning with self confidence and not with promoted bluffs.