Deploy and run an IoT device simulation in Azure

Deploy Device Simulation

When you deploy Device Simulation to your Azure subscription, you must set some configuration options.

Sign in to using your Azure account credentials.

Click the Device Simulation tile:

Choose Device Simulation

Click Try now on the Device Simulation description page:

Click Try Now

On the Create Device Simulation solution page, enter a unique Solution name.

Select the Subscription and Region you want to use to deploy the solution accelerator. Typically, you choose the region closest to you. You must be a global administrator or user in the subscription.

Check the box to deploy an IoT hub to use with your Device Simulation solution. You can always change the IoT hub your simulation uses later.

Click Create to begin provisioning your solution. This process takes at least five minutes to run:

Device Simulation solution details

Sign in to the solution

When the provisioning process is complete, you can sign in to your instance of Device Simulation by clicking the Launch button:

Open Device Simulation

Click Accept to accept the permissions request, the Device Simulation solution dashboard displays in your browser.

When first opened, you see the Device Simulation dashboard with a Getting started guide. Click on the first tile to open a sample simulation. If you close the Getting started guide, you can open the Sample Simple Simulation from the dashboard by clicking its tile:

Sample Simulation

As a sample simulation, it can’t be edited. The simulation is configured with the following settings:

Target IoT HubUse pre-provisioned IoT Hub
Device modelTruck
Number of devices10
Telemetry frequency10 seconds
Simulation durationRun indefinitely
Simulation configuration

Run the simulation

Click Start Simulation. The simulation will run indefinitely as configured. You can stop the simulation at any time by clicking Stop Simulation. The simulation shows statistics for the current run.

Simulation run

Clean up resources

If you plan to explore further, leave Device Simulation deployed.

If you no longer need Device Simulation, delete it from the Provisioned solutions page, by clicking on its tile, and then clicking Delete Solution:

Delete solution

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