Data Raconteur Suresh Convince his Wife Reshmi that chennai is becoming dry ……

Hi this is suresh working as a software engineer in a HUGE MNC for past 7 years based on chennai but recently i used to work from home for the same company but my wife is much scared of it as she thinks my job is lost and we have to starved to death but how can I told you that we are gonna die but not due to starvation but due to thrust so I decided to tell her the story of my city which is becoming dry with data as now even she goes to grocery shopping she checks too many websites to optimized cost so take a deep breath hold tight here is my story.

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Chennai also known as Madras is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal, it is the biggest cultural, economic and educational centre of south India.

Being my second home, the city is facing an acute water shortage now (June 2019). Chennai is entirely dependent on ground water resources to meet its water needs. There are four reservoirs in the city, namely, Red Hills, Cholavaram, Poondi and Chembarambakkam, with a combined capacity of 11,057 mcft. These are the major sources of fresh water for the city.

Apart from the reservoirs, the other sources of fresh water water are desalination plants at Nemelli and Minjur; aquifers in Neyveli, Minjur and Panchetty; Cauvery water from Veeranam lake;

suresh picks his laptop opens a Google colab and in one fine evening when reshmi returns from shopping and searching for chilled water he shows her the current situation of dams water storage near chennai

after seeing such disappointing graphes reshmi tolds suresh is it same across all dams suresh shows him the plot

reshmi became sad and asked suresh not all the dams are of same capacity right then why the sum will be zero ….not funny for suresh as since college reshmi suspects suresh a lot so he was prepared for questions like that and he shows her these plots

seeing the plot reshmi told suresh that’s why you are working from home to save water and she being an intelligent fellow told suresh that due to lack of rain they are in this trouble and pray to god for rain. They took a decision of planting saplings in front of there house .

So you see how a modern data scientist suresh with some free time in his hand changes the mind of his wife and succeeded to give her some valuable lessons be like suresh make value out of data for good.

github link: click here.

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