Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Infrastructure

The Big Picture , this is what google cloud infrastructure looks like:

Google cloud is a continuous solution and integration of product from ITops to devops to Noops

There are three ways to connect to Google cloud explained in below :

Basic Info about cloud shell:

The API interface in short :


projects are the key organizer of infrastructure resources . And relate these resources to billing account . Resources can only be created under Project .

A typical Example on how multiple projects should look in your GCP profile:

when you create a new project a project ID will automatically generated given below which is immutable under all circumstances your billing will happen around this this project ID only for Resources used by the project.

you can change your project name anytime but it won’t change your projects ID.

once you hit create it will pop up notification in notification bar by saying it is creating your project

Now if you go to the first interface you will have our project listed there

what happens when you shutdown your project:

Switching Between Projects:

Use cloud shell to switch between projects

see the hands on about Infrastructure Preview here.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) VPC

The chart clears the concept of projects and Networks

Compute Engine

Available options for compute in GCP

Compute Engine Contains:

features of Compute Engine:

One thought on “Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Infrastructure

  1. Improved Performance – great results, but if your clients migrated to and from crappy hosting providers then, of course, you’ll get such dramatic results. I use Google Compute Engine for my WordPress hosting clients and the difference of before and after is really impressive


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